5 Ways To Change Your Negative Mindset

Having a positive mindset ultimately leads you to a happy life. And you can control it.

Your mindset influences everything from whether you have a good day to affecting the decisions you make in both your personal and professional life.

To avoid being overpowered and controlled by negativity, here are five ways you can change your mindset and become more positive.

#1 Accept That Your Thoughts Need Adjusting

Everyone has had dreams and goals that didn’t turn out as expected. Personal development expert Christine Hassler refers to this as the “expectation hangover” - and we all experience it.

If this happens repeatedly, you may start to wonder what needs to be changed.

What we rarely do though is look inside our own thinking as the place to start making the changes.

If you’re dealing with doubt and fear when it comes to reaching your goals, you may need to accept that it’s time to change your own thoughts.

#2 Identify Your Negative Thoughts

Every day there are around 65,000 thoughts that go through our minds. Think about that number for a second.

Unfortunately, most of these are negative (even for those of us who consider ourselves to be happy people). Most of the time we aren't even aware of them.

To overcome these thoughts, you have to become aware of them. The most happy people aren’t exempt from this, they’ve just learned to identify and work through them.

Your first step here is to pay attention to when a negative though enters your mind, how often and how long they stick around.

#3 Flip the Switch

As you become more aware of the negative thoughts, you need to determine a way to stop them from holding your back.

Every time you notice that you are entertaining a negative thought, flip the switch to something more positive.

Negativity towards your appearance? Rather than seeing all your flaws when you look in the mirror, tell yourself that you look good.

Negative thought towards a coworker who threw you under the bus to a superior? Next time you think about it, reminder yourself that she probably has struggles you’re not aware of and find compassion in yourself to feel towards her.

Often, taking this one positive step in the right direction will be enough to silence the negative thoughts.

#4 Start Small

One of the best ways to change your mindset and realize your dreams is to set small, achievable goals.

If your goal is to exercise daily, start by setting the goal of completing just one push-up a day. If you feel you can do more, do it.

Achieving your larger goals requires you to take small steps, every day, to create the momentum that will yield positive results.

#5 Get Comfortable with Failure

This is key right here. Changing your mindset will take work, and you’re guaranteed to experience failure along the way. The only thing that will keep you from reaching your goals is when you stop trying.

You may have noticed the quote on our about page from Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of Spanx. Blakely says, “Failure is not the outcome – failure is not trying. Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Her thoughts seem to fit perfectly here. Successful people know that they will experience failure along the way and they don't let the failure stop them.

Changing your mindset doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a choice that you have to make for yourself by taking small, intentional actions each day.

Following these five simple steps will help you get on the right track to developing a more positive mindset.